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Dial-in operation for remote DT600 configuration

This page reflects work-in-progress. It will presently be updated to include instructions for dialing into a DT500, 600 or 700 outstation to configure its operation, with example .trm files for Windows Terminal (16- and 32-bit) and a link to selected material from the DT600 manual.

To summarise the remainder of this document, most aspects of an outstation's operation can be configured remotely, with the exception of the physical selection of input type and major changes in vocabulary.

The Dialtone 500, 600 and 700 outstations are equipped as standard with a speech/data modem fully approved for operation in the UK. In data mode this uses CCITT V.21 signalling and has no capability of hunting for alternative modulation schemes, our experience is that this is highly reliable although like any equipment of this type it is susceptible to lightning damage (nothing withstands a direct strike :-) The outstation can initiate an outgoing (alarm) call in either speech or data mode, and can respond to an incoming call in speech mode, by exchanging data with a masterstation, or by presenting a command-driven user interface to a human operator.

The file referenced below is a working draft. Please note that the .trm files (for 16- or 32-bit terminal.exe) will need to be customised with the correct telephone number and login password, at present they are set to a dummy number (01234 567890) and password ("passgo").

Interrogating a DT600 Telemetry Outstation from a Personal Computer

 Last updated: 27th July 2006

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